SpaceXCoin is the world’s first cryptocurrency for space travel...

Combining a powerful crypto meme with advanced utilities, SpaceXCoin will dominate the next generation's multiplanetary exchange systems...


SpaceXCoin is the world’s first cryptocurrency for space travel...

Combining a powerful crypto meme with advanced utilities, SpaceXCoin will dominate the next generation's multiplanetary exchange systems...

We are deeply inspired by Elon's vision

Mission Statement

$SPXC aims to be the leading currency for interplanetary missions, funding travel, habitation, agriculture and entertainment complexes across the galaxy.

Our aim is to provide a complete full-scale ecosystem capable of sustaining human life on distant planets, whilst simultaneously supporting a range of space projects for centuries to come.

Crypto Meets Real World

Aerospace Research and Development: Proceeds from 5% of the total supply will be spent on space Projects:

Artificial Gravity R&D

Habitat on Mars

Agriculture on Mars

Health & Reproduction

How to Buy $SPXC

1. Create your

Create a wallet in Metamask or TrustWallet

2. Send BNB to your Wallet

Buy BNB from Binance, then transfer it to your wallet

3. Connect your Wallet to
Pancake Swap

Go to Dapps: PancakeSwap and connect your wallet

4. Swap BNB
for SPXC

Copy SPXC contract then import it in to PancakeSwap

$SPXC Contract Address


SpaceXCoin's Smart contract autogenerates reflections back to loyal holders of $SPXC

Please check our Telegram for most current $SPXC Buy/Sell taxes

Total Maximum Supply


One Quadrillion

Circulating Supply


One Quadrillion

Liquidity Pool

1% tax for Liquidity auto burn goes to a dead wallet


3% reflection tax goes to each holder from every transaction


3% of every transaction goes to marketing expenses

Space Exploration

3% of tax will go towards Space Exploration

  • Website design launch
  • Social media & Community channels open
  • VC in Telegram & Discord
  • AMA VC in Telegram & Twitter Spaces 3 times a week
  • Marketing & Partnerships Campaigns
  • Reach 1000+ Holders
  • List on CoinMarketCap
  • List on CoinGecko
  • PancakeSwap Listing
  • KYC’ed & Audited by SolidProof
  • Reach 5,000+ Holders
  • List on CEX:


  • List on DEX:
  • Celebrate 25k Holders: Supply burns
  • Wallet X
  • Blockchain X: A Hyperfast Blockchain Technology
  • SpaceXCoin NFT’s
  • Rocket/Starship Expo
  • SpaceXChange
  • SpaceXMetaverse
  • Develop advanced materials for food storage for Mars
  • Research on Gravity
  • Develop protection from Gravity related injury
  • Research birth effect on Mars

SpaceXCoin Ecosystems

SpaceXCoin will be creating an ecosystem with many utilities which could come together to make a strong platform for BlockchainX and MetaverseX. The platforms outlined below may form part of the greater SpaceXCoin Platform, where interoperability between these tools will enhance our security and usability over time for users who are new to cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology.


  • BlockchainX: A Hyperfast Blockchain Technology
  • SpaceXCoin NFT’s
  • MetaverseX

BlockchainX: A Hyperfast Blockchain Technology

BlockchainX will implement a mechanism consensus of “Proof of Stake” as the “Proof of history” a method (currently used by Solana) which would generate historical records to show that an event occurred within a specific point of time.Read more

SpaceXCoin NFT’s:

NFT, also known as a non-fungible token, is a data unit that confirms the uniqueness of digital assets. NFTs are stored in the blockchain and can be compared to an unconventional permanent way of storing artifacts forever. Read more


A metaverse is a visual world that enables various activities. With the emergence of new technologies, exhibitions and auctions will be just a few steps away from us in this universe and so many other events like concerts and exhibitions are possible. Read more

In the Press

Our Partners


Mr. Spock
CEO/ Dev

Qazi Shakoor
Purdue University


Software Engineer

G Lambert

Design Engineer

Giovanni T

Media Manager

Katie M

Marketing Manager

Carlos F

Global brand manager


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